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Information about Bisphenol-A

Dear Customer,

we understand that as a parent, you are concerned about your children’s health and well-being and therefore want to inform yourself in detail about our products and their quality.

We are aware that the issue of BPA, also known as Bisphenol-A, is frequently discussed in the media and is something you may wish to inform yourself about. We would like to help you choose the best products for your child, so that your mind can be at rest about your purchases.

Accordingly, we at BABY-NOVA decided to steer clear of products containing BPA some years ago and only sell products made from alternative materials like polypropylene (PP) and Polyamide (PA). We took this voluntary step to make it easier for you as a consumer. Bisphenol-A has not been declared harmful by any government authority nor has its use been prohibited.

BPA is generally contained in many day-to-day items, like the lining of tin cans or in fruit grown in greenhouses. Apparently, BPA is even in the environment around us, such as in house-dust, sea-water and drinking water. We all come into contact with BPA daily and can’t avoid consuming it. We don’t want to add to the amount of BPA your child is exposed to and make sure that our baby products are BPA free.

All BABY-NOVA products are tested to ensure that they comply with the applicable regulations, standards and laws. For products for babies and young children, there are a multitude of standards to be met and naturally or products comply with these. Samples of our products are regularly taken by public institutions like the Food Control Authority. These samples are tested in independent laboratories to ensure compliance with the regulations.

We are particularly aware of the great responsibility we bear towards you and your children. High-quality materials and products are especially important to us. That is why you have our guarantee that we take our role as a manufacturer of baby products and children’s toys very seriously and  that we take great care to only sell products that we would gladly give our own children to use and indeed, that our own children do use.

We thank you for choosing our brand and look forward to continuing to offer you high-quality Baby-Nova products in lovely designs.

Yours sincerely, 

Armin Struckmeier           Wolfgang Schack
Managing Director            Managing Director



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