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How everything started..

German mid-sized family business

The NOVATEX GmbH is one of the biggest manufactures of baby products worldwide. However, everything started out small: When the founders Hans Struckmeier and Wolfgang Schack started the NOVATEX GmbH over 30 years ago everything began in a little office in Hanover.

From that little office the company expanded by now to a 20 hectare head office in Pattensen, close to Hanover. Also, the former little storehouse gave way to a modern logistics hall with an attached production site. Currently, there are two locations in Germany with a total of 140 employees. The  company’s administration and dispatch as well as parts of the production including quality control are situated at the headquarters in Pattensen.

The other German location is in Langenstein near Halberstadt with most of the modern machinery. Another side is in Ashland, Ohio with 120 employees. The newest location was set up in Trutnov, Czechia.

Always having innovation in the company’s focus, the NOVATEX GmbH has silenced the harshest critics of pacifier use by developing the DENTISTAR, the worldwide first tooth-friendly pacifier which was developed in close cooperation with dentists and orthodontists.

Next to the brands BABY-NOVA and DENTISTAR also the license brands ROCK STAR BABY and CUIPO are part of the product range. Behind the lifestyle brand ROCKSTAR BABY stands Tico Torres, the drummer of the famous rock band Bon Jovi. CUIPO is an environmentally friendly brand that focuses on saying the rainforest.

Nowadays, the development of the company is in the hands of the son, Armin Struckmeier. Already with age 19 he worked in the company on his father’s side. NOVATEX GmbH distributes its products in about 70 countries worldwide. That is also why Armin Struckmeier spends 120 days of the year traveling around the world - always searching for new ideas and innovative products!


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