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Care products for Moms

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Manual Breast Pump

A milk pump can be helpful in many situations. For example when you are not able to be at home but still wish to feed your child with breast milk. Or also, if nursing just won´t work – then breast milk can be removed and directly feed. In cases of unneeded milk, a manual milk pump can be very helpful. After removing the milk, it can be stored cooled of frozen until needed.

This set consists of a manual milk pump with a lid for the breast tube and an extra soft inlet which massages the breast, two small 125 ml PP-bottles (BPA free*), a bottle nipple for milk, a screw ring, a sealing disks and a protecting cap for the bottles.

Additionally there is a material bag in which the pieces can be stored.

The pump suction flow can be regulated so you can set it to fit your needs. It can be easily taken apart and put back together and can be operated comfortably with one hand.

The bottles and bottle teats of this set comply with EN 14350.

*according to EU Regulation

Item number:

34300 Manual Breast Pump

Milk Pump Set

Silicone Breast Shields

Nursing is an incredible experience for many mothers which they do not want to miss.

Unfortunately, nursing can also be uncomfortable if you have sensitive or paining nipples. In this case nipple shields can be helpful. They are placed on the nipple and protect them enabling a normal nursing of the baby.

Our nipple shields are made of extra thin and soft silicone and are neutral to taste and smell.

Article number:

39301 Silicone Breast Shields

Beast Pads

Disposable nursing pads protect your clothing dependably during nursing and provide a pleasant and dry feeling.

They are made of soft cotton and are covered by a delicate, extra soft fleece. Slightly pre-formed, they fit the breast rather well.

To ensure that the nursing pads stay in place, they have a small adhesive surface and can be stuck securely in the bra.

Article number:

34041 Nursing pads (package of 30)

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