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Bottle and Teat Brush

Suitable for all common Standard-, Wide-neck,- Easy-to-hold-Bottles and Bottles Teats. The brush ensures thorough cleaning and complete removal of food residues.


33120 Bottle and Teat Brush

Super Bottle and Teat Brush

Suitable for al common standard and wide-neck bottles.

The teat brush is integrated into the handle. Wear-resistent bristles and a sponge on the tip of the bottle brush ensure thorough cleaning and complete removal of food residue.

Even hard-to-get corners get cleaned easily.


33132 Super Bottle and Teat Brush

Spillproof spout

The spout is a non-drip valve to help your child make the transition from bottle to independent drinking. During the child is drinking the valve opens and closes, sealing the bottle against leak sfrom the inside. The extra-flat lip support makes drinking easy.

Suitable for all screw rings on standard bottles. The drinking spout with the valve insert is inserted into the ring, just like a bottle teat.

This article complies with European Norm EN 14350. BPA free*.

*according to EU Regulation

Article number:

33301 Spillproof spout

Insulated Bottle Tote

This bottle tote is made of high-quality neoprene with additional aluminium insulation. Keeps beverages hot and cold. Holds all standard, wide-neck and learner bottles. Grip has velcro lining for attachment to baby buggy or pram.

Article number

33116 Insulatex bottle tote

Bottle Teats

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Bottle Teats


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Dishes for children

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