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Latex pacifiers

Most parents can’t manage to go without a pacifier completely, because nearly all kids need the comfort of a soother every now and then, when they’re upset or irritable.

Our soothers will help get your child smiling again before long. We have soothers in lots of great designs and with differently shaped teats. Click here to see our range of pacifiers with latex baglets.

Latex pacifiers

Silicone pacifiers

Most parents can’t manage to go without a soother completely, because nearly all kids need the comfort of a soother every now and then, when they’re upset or irritable. Our soothers will help get your child smiling again before long.

We have soothers in lots of great designs and with differently shaped baglets. Click here to see our range of soothers with silicone baglets.

Silicone pacifiers

Pacifier accessories

If you need to keep your child’s favourite soother close at hand at all times, we have great pacifier accessories for you. With a soother holder you can attach the pacifier to your baby’s clothes – that way it can’t get lost and is always there when you need it. 

If you’re out and about and find that you don’t need the soother for a while, then you can store it hygienically in our pacifier boxes and keep it ready for use. 

Pacifier accessories


Standard bottles, wide-neck bottles and baby easy-to-hold bottles – we have a large range of BPA free* PP (Polypropylene,) PA or glass feeding bottles, so that you can be perfectly equipped for any situation. We offer different feeding bottle sizes from approx. 125 ml to 300 ml according to your baby’s age and the volume your child drinks at feeding times.

We offer handy baby easy-to-hold bottles as well as practical handle adapters for bottles so that your child can learn to drink on their own and can more easily grasp the feeding bottles. 

*according to EU Regulation


Bottle teats

Our feeding bottle teats come in latex and silicone for standard and wide-neck bottles and in a variety of shapes and different sizes – for tee, milk and cereals.

Whatever type of bottle you use and no matter which food you are currently feeding, you’ll be sure to find the right teat for your bottle in our range.

Bottle teats

Cups - for all ages

From the age of about five months babies can be gradually introduced to cups. First your baby needs to learn the basics – learning to hold the cup on its own and drinking from it takes quite a bit of practice, and little spills and accidents are completely normal. 

But children are quick to learn, which is why we have cups suitable for all ages and stages of development – right from the first attempt to drink from a cup up until your child drinks by themselves with great skill, whether at home or when you’re out and about. We offer non-spill cups, trainer cups, cups with an integrated drinking straw and many more.



Going from ‚being fed’ to ‚feeding yourself’

Right from the first jar of baby food, it’s best to use our children’s weaning spoons. Then, when your child starts wanting to hold the spoon themselves and tries to eat on their own, they are perfect too. Later on, our learner cutlery set helps your child to practise and feed themselves.

Of course, we also offer a fork and knife – naturally we’ve rounded them to make them safe and the knife has a blunt edge. Then all you need is a cheerfully decorated non-slip bowl to go with the cutlery and you’re on your way to lots of mealtime fun. 


Dishes for children


Teething is such a tough time! It aches, it’s sore, it’s uncomfortable. When teething starts, teethers can be a soothing and welcome relief for your child. They come in a variety of designs – some are filled with water, so they can be cooled in the fridge, while others have a nubbly texture that helps children massage their sore gums. 

But our teethers are not just a comfort, they are also lots of fun. They’re lovely and colourful, come in a range of different textures and some even make pleasing sounds or can be twisted and bent around. They’re such good fun, that the discomfort of teething is quickly forgotten. 



Playful learning and finding the best of friends

Toys are very important for babies’ and children’s development. They teach them to grasp, to feel the difference between hard and soft, to listen for sounds when they shake the toy and so much more. Toys are interesting and exciting as well as educational and beneficial.

But just as importantly, a security blanket or a stuffed toy dog can be a child’s best friend. We all know that some children won’t go anywhere without their beloved blanky or toy.



Pacifier advise

Should I give my child a pacifier or not? What material should the soother be made of? Click here for answers to many of your pacifier questions.


Pacifier advise

Our Consultation section

Should you have any questions about our products, we’ll be pleased to help you. Our parents’ consultant is a mum herself with lots of hands-on experience.



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